Mobile Grooming Services

We groom dogs and cats Tuesdays through Saturdays, first appointments beginning around 9 AM, last appointments ending around 5 PM. Other arrangements can be made for a client's first visit if their regular grooming sessions will be unattended.

Pricing is variable depending on the service requested and the size and breed of the dog or cat, as well as the condition the pet is presented in. Heavily matted pets, for instance, may incur extra charges simply due to the amount of time it will take to safely remove the coat.

Potential clients should either email or call (615) 351-8473 for an estimate.

What we can't do...

What we CAN do... - Bathing, Trimming, Nails and Ears

We can't do everything...

We do have a weight limit (100 pounds or so), but also dogs larger than 70 pounds either need to be very, very cooperative or we will need the owner's assistance. We may not be able to handle some older, disabled, or uncooperative large dogs if they are unable or unwilling to stand. We may not be able to groom/bathe some very tall dog breeds as they may be too tall to be handled safely in our bathtub.

We cannot provide grooming services for show dogs or cats due to time requirements and lack of experience in that particular arena.

We cannot provide hand-stripping services, although we will be happy to educate you on how to do this yourself. Hand-stripping done correctly takes hours and hours and we cannot give that much time to one client.

We do NOT perform tooth brushing or cleaning as we cannot manage your expectations appropriately. See our Free Advice! page for how to handle that process on your own.

Bathing Services...

The basic bath service includes a selection of shampoos and conditioners, blow drying, brushing, nail clipping, and ear cleaning.

Anal glands may be expressed if necessary (please let us know if your pet has an ongoing problem in this area). Please note this should not be a common practice as regularly doing so in the absence of a problem can actually cause a problem to appear.

Need a Trim also?

Every hair cut/trim, even simple ones, comes with a bath service. It is very difficult to get a good result on a haircut without a bath to reveal scragglies and uneven spots.

We can add a hygiene/sanitary and/or face trim to either bath service for a minimal extra charge. The hygiene or sanitary trim includes shaving of the genital areas and between the foot pads. All of these areas are prone to matting and should be done regularly on long-haired breeds, even if the rest of the coat is to be kept. A face trim may be advisable on long-haired breeds who get messy or overgrown in that area.

The full custom groom includes the basic bath service plus an all-over cut/trim to your specifications and a hygiene trim. Nail grinding may also be added for a nominal extra charge.

Other Services...

Nails are one of the most neglected areas on pets that do not require regular grooming. We can perform this operation as a stand-alone service when other services are being performed at the same address but no longer as a dedicated service stop, even for multiple pets.

Nails can also be ground down using a rotary tool if requested for a minimal extra charge. This is very effective on dogs with long nail quicks, as it allows the groomer to get the nails shorter without being painful for your dog.

Any breed with "poo" or "oodle" in it, along with many other breeds that don't generally shed, probably require regular pulling of the hair that grows down into the ear canal. We can perform this operation combined with other services.